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AgilityArc helps companies bring agility into the software product lifecyle through transforming quality assurance to quality engineering. We scale automation without writing or maintaining a single line of code!

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Companies Must Change

Agile & Digital transformations require enterprise-wide change that involve People, Process & Technology. The drive for change is forcing companies to use software to build better products and create great user experiences. The race to create value for customers using software is the new frontier. This poses enormous culture challenges for established companies that must change before losing to the competition.

Accelerate Change with the People in Quality

The new way of working in Agile requires an enterprise-wide culture change involving the business and technology to be aligned. However, a business-driven engineering culture will clash with Agile frameworks when trying to deliver software faster & in smaller chunks. The existing testing organization must be the first to adapt to this new cadence and respond through scaling their test automation.


Scaling test automation becomes a necessary catalyst for the teams to generate momentum and accelerate the required feedback loops in Agile. Test automation at scale allows the team to remove friction and make better software decisions that bring value to the customer.  There’s no silver bullet for successful transformation but a common thread exists – create “value” and you influence change.  We believe you can influence that change by scaling automation and transforming Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering where ultimately people amplify their value through quality.

Transformational Tool

Nexial is a modern-day test automation platform than helps transcend traditional testing to end-to-end quality engineering (QE). Nexial Engineers as QEs play a pivotal role in developing quality into sofware and influencing agility across the organization.

Please let us know if you want to learn more about our technology and framework for transforming manual testing to high performing engineering. 

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